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Hi Amy,

I wanted to thank you again for helping me yesterday! I really feel so much better today in so many ways. My right hip feels much better and I can actually walk on it without feeling it. I am hoping that some yoga plus foam rolling this week keeps it happy.

Thank you again.

Just wanted to say Thank YOU for your class this weekend. I learned quite a bit and am still integrating….coffee helps (: You have a nice patient and calm way about you that is important when teaching. But most of all I liked that you have a sense of humor (more important)

I received my Reiki I, II, and III level attunements/certifications with Amy, and I HIGHLY recommend her as a teacher and practitioner. Her humility and wisdom were a rare find, and although I had initially hoped to study Reiki with a variety of teachers, I found Amy’s style, grace, humor, and reliability simply unbeatable. She has expertly combined her energy practice with a down-to-earth sense of responsibility toward her clients and students, making her easy to reach and communicate with–unlike many other teachers I attempted contacting. She also hosts free ongoing Reiki Shares for all of her students, which in and of itself is a huge gift.

Amy Mak, you rock. Honestly, Amy is a gentle, humble person who washes away the tension and confusion that I can bring with me to a session. She has inspired me enough that I leave those negative energies behind! Amy is centered, clear-thinking, grounding, wise. Her office space is comforting and vibrant. I am thankful for the support I’ve received at Soul Workings, and look forward to being trained as a Reiki Master with Amy at the helm. Go and experience the nurturing environment for yourself.

I feel like so much has shifted physically and emotionally since the Reiki and I have become a true believer!

What a wonderful experience! Thanks so much for the Master Level attunements weekend. Amy was professional, well-prepared, experienced as a teacher and a practitioner, and delightful to be with (an added bonus!). I felt held in great hands throughout the workshop. I’m now getting my own teaching series organized, thanks to Amy.

Thanks, Amy. Great class this weekend! I really enjoyed your approach and teaching style.

I want to thank you so very much for your awesome healing energy. Amy – you go out of your way to help others; a trait so needed in this world! I appreciate you very much and I’m grateful for your fitting me in so often and helping me learn about navigating my energy better.

A few months ago I was experiencing a great deal of dizziness and vertigo. I felt so bad that I didn’t feel that I could safely drive my car. This dizziness came and went until I just couldn’t stand it anymore and went into the local urgent care clinic. The doctors diagnosed me with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) and also with Cervical Vertigo. My doctor recommended physical therapy which helped, but the symptoms did not go away it just got to be less noticeable. I was told by my doctors that it may be as good as it can get.

Not satisfied with the results at that point, I searched for something better. My wife had been seeing Amy for over 2 years; she suggested that I try working with Amy. We started with massage sessions combined with Reiki twice a week for a month and gradually to once every 2 weeks. The changes have been nothing short of amazing to me. The improvement was fairly quick; after the first month almost all of the dizziness was gone. I can say with conviction that I feel almost normal and as good as it could be expected for my age (60) and that is saying quite a bit. As of today there is no feeling of dizziness and I have not experienced this level of range of movement in my neck in 20 years!

First of all, thank you, and I’m still feeling the work that was done… There is more work to do for sure, but I definitely feel different in my posture, and general pain… You’ve gotta [sic] great touch and a soothing hand… The testimonials were right. Thanks again.

I really enjoyed my reading yesterday, as always. You are amazingly perceptive and intuitive.

This is a very late thank you for the reading. It was more meaningful to me than you can ever imagine. I’m still carrying it around in my purse to look at every now and then. I really appreciate the depth and the effort you obviously put into it. I’m sure you will be hearing from me again (and maybe from some of my close friends as well). All the best to you!

I have to say that the last session we had was absolutely one of the most powerful. I felt the effects for days. I experienced a greater sense of connectedness (to higher self and universe), peace and transcendence… I just can’t stay away!

I’ve never felt more alive and at peace with myself. Amy is a truly gifted healer, and I am now a regular client of hers for life.

Amy has an amazing gift. I can walk into her office feeling stressed and scattered, and walk out with a sense of peace, calm and groundedness. Amy’s sunny and cheerful disposition, coupled with her angelic touch is soothing to the soul. Try Amy, she’s magic!

It felt like static cling in areas I knew needed to be healed. I just felt totally relaxed…connected….up. For the first time in my life that ‘tape’ in my head was not running.

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