Reiki Level 2: A deeper journey

Reiki Level 2


An invitation to further explore Reiki in the healing setting and to deepen personal growth and transformation.

Additional Reiki symbols are provided that allow the student to tap into the emotional and mental bodies, and work outside the limitations of time and space.

Distance Reiki treatments are possible, as well as sending healing energy to the past and future.

Course Content for Reiki Level 2:

  • Attunements
  • Level 2 Symbols
  • Distance Healing
  • Releasing Limiting beliefs with Level 2 symbols
  • Manifesting with Level 2 symbols

Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1. A minimum of 3 months between the Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 courses is highly recommended, to allow adequate practice and integration of the Reiki Level 1 course material.

Attunements, certificate and course manual included with tuition.

Classes are deliberately kept small, and are limited to 4 students.

Private One-On-One Classes

While there are many advantages to taking a Reiki course in a class setting, one-on-one classes can be highly valuable, with the added benefit of scheduling flexibility. Learn more here.

Organize a Private Reiki Class

Organize and schedule a private class for you and your friends! Minimum of 2 students required, maximum 4 students (option for larger class available if arrangements can be made for a larger classroom space). Learn more here.

Upcoming Reiki Level 2 Classes

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