Reiki Mentorship

Guidance and Growth for your Reiki Practice

Reiki Mentorship Program

Reiki Mentorship with Soul Workings is a 6-month long program designed to prepare the Reiki student/practitioner for a fulfilling practice. Build confidence, develop core skills, and find your place within your community as you step into role of professional Reiki practitioner.

Eligibility: Reiki Level 2 or 3 training with Soul Workings

Program components (subject to change):

  1. Six (6) Monthly One-on-One coaching sessions with Amy Mak
  2. Unlimited e-mail support and monthly phone support for duration of program
  3. Independent study
    • Readings with written reflections, self-practice
    • Required Sessions- written feedback from clients plus practitioner session summaries
    • Reiki Shares
    • Receiving sessions from both Reiki and other modality practitioners, with write ups
    • Community outreach and leadership

Advanced Manifesting Your Practice Coaching Series (6-month duration)

Eligibility: Reiki Mentorship completion with Soul Workings

Program components (subject to change):

Six (6) One-on-One coaching sessions with Amy Mak

Some topics covered:

  • Manifesting a successful practice
  • Clearing money issues
  • Vision building
  • Aligning your Soul’s purpose with your Reiki practice

This coaching series is intended to support the new practitioner in establishing a strong vision for a private practice, supported by advanced energy-healing and manifesting tools. Includes a 60-minute Akashic Records consultation.


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