The Highest Compliment You Can Give

Is a referral from you!

Referral Rewards

I love working with people who can benefit from what I offer here at Soul Workings.

If there is someone in your life who is experiencing one or more of the following issues, please keep Soul Workings in mind:

  • Struggling with pain due to an injury, chronic over-use, or activity-related injury
  • Experiencing health challenges exacerbated by stress
  • Feels overwhelmed by life’s demands and challenges
  • Stress, anxiety, panic attacks or depression
  • Undergoing major life transitions
  • Is highly sensitive to other people’s energies and emotions
  • Wants to engage more fully in life
  • Interested in exploring body-mind-soul connection as it relates to health, healing and personal/spiritual growth
  • Wants to be supported through holistic/alternative approaches via bodywork, energy therapies or classes

Referrals are the lifeblood of any thriving practice and I promise to take great care of those you send my way.

For every 5 new clients referred to Soul Workings, you will receive a gift voucher valid for a FREE Reiki or Massage session (1 hour, $85 value)!

Thank you in advance for your confidence and trust!


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