What are the Akashic Records?

The word “Akasha” is a Sanskrit word that means “primary substance,” one of the five elements from which the Universe is composed. The Akashic Records is an energetic library that holds information pertaining to each Soul’s journey throughout time. There are references made to the Akashic Records in many of the major spiritual/religious traditions on this planet.

How are the Records accessed?

Throughout time, there have been various ways to access the Records. Historically, only people who devoted decades of rigorous spiritual training could access the Records. Edgar Cayce was a well-known mystic who accessed the Records while in a trance.  We have now reached a new point in humanity’s development in which the Records are accessible to anyone who is interested in developing a conscious relationship with their Soul.  I access the Records in the sacred prayer tradition using the Pathway Prayer Process©, divinely downloaded by Dr. Linda Howe, which allows me to stay fully conscious during the readings.

What can I expect from an Akashic Records consultation?

An Akashic Records consultation at Soul Workings is in conversation format that begins and ends with a sacred prayer. Clients are asked to spend time before the reading to write down a list of 4-7 questions in the order of priority.

Questions that begin with whathow and why tend to yield the most helpful answers, while time-related questions, and yes-or-no questions will provide the least amount of information.

Consultations can help you understand who you are at the Soul level, and help you to see your current challenges from your Soul’s perspective.

When relevant, a reading may reveal underlying causes and conditions originating outside of the current lifetime, but will only provide details pertaining to the issues at hand.

If you are primarily interested in exploring your past lives in full detail, you may be better served by working with a Past Life Regression therapist instead.

What kind of information can I get from an Akashic Records consultation?

The Records can help illuminate each person’s path from the Soul’s perspective.

Consultations can be particularly helpful when one is going through major life transitions, working through stubborn patterns, relationships issues, difficult challenges, feeling stuck, or needing guidance in any area of one’s life.

An Akashic Record consultation can help reveal underlying causes and conditions to seemingly unsolvable challenges, and can provide the healing energy, insight and information necessary to bring deep healing and peace to any situation.

You will also experience yourself as you are seen by your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones – perfect, whole and complete.

How is an Akashic Record consultation different from a psychic/intuitive reading, or a Tarot consultation?

Psychic/intuitive readings, and Tarot consultations can provide insight to guide you toward a specific outcome.

An Akashic Record consultation is non-predictive in nature, as the goal is not to create a certain outcome. Its value is in helping you to see and know yourself from your Soul’s perspective. An Akashic Records consultation can illuminate your understanding of the growth opportunities that are being presented to you, that are being expressed through your relationships, your work, and life circumstances.

Will I be able to contact my Angels and Guides, or loved ones who have passed on?

The Akashic realm is separate and distinct from the angelic and spirit realms, so no, you will not be able to communicate with your Angels, Guides or loved ones who have passed on during an Akashic Records consultation. While on occasion they may pop up during a consultation, it is usually a very quick message or appearance and the focus of the reading then shifts back to the information that is being provided by your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones (MTLOs).

I want to know about my Starseed origins.

For the purpose of our time together, we will be looking at your Soul’s journey throughout time on this planet. The Akashic Records is anchored to the planet Earth, and so we will not have access to the Records of your intergalactic adventures.

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