Conscious Co-creation with the Tarot

The Tarot is a tool that can be used to help you take responsibility for your life experiences in a more conscious manner.

When you request a reading, you are focusing your intentions to receive guidance from your subconscious, Higher Self, Soul, Universe, Source, Spirit Guides, and/or Angels. The Tarot provides information you already know on some deep level, and assists in clearing confusion by showing you what you need to focus upon.

Every reading provides an energetic snapshot of where you are, and the most probable outcome at the moment of the reading, which is based on the culmination of your past actions, beliefs and thoughts. The final outcome is never set in stone, because it depends on your actions, beliefs and thoughts about the situation, which you are free to change at any given point.

What to Expect

When you arrive for your consultation, you will be asked to formulate your question, and clear your mind as you shuffle the cards.

As your Tarot Consultant, my job is to help you see your options with clarity and truth, and to empower you to shift in every way possible toward your desired outcome.

Order Your Reading

Tarot Consultations are available by appointment:

  • Office Appointment (Payment due at time of service; pre-payment optional.)
  • Phone Appointment (Pre-payment required at time of scheduling.)
  • Skype Video or Phone (Pre-payment required at time of scheduling.)

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