In this class, the Akashic Light shines on you, your soul’s purposes, and destiny. This is the lifetime for consciously recognizing our Destiny, fulfilling our many Soul’s Purposes, experiencing deep personal satisfaction, and contributing our best to the whole of humanity. Deep within each of us is an awareness of magnificent possibilities, an awareness that inspires us to live remarkable lives. Our awesome opportunity as awakening individuals is to envision our Destiny, to recognize our Soul’s Intentions, and then, as everyday people living in our everyday world, to bring our Soul’s Purposes to Life!

Prerequisite: Discover Your Soul’s Path Through the Akashic Records, How to Read the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey and Healing Through the Akashic Records by Dr. Linda Howe. Practitioner, Advanced Practitioner, Healing Practitioner, and Soul’s Path Practitioner Certifications are required for participation.

Topics Covered in this Class:

  • Awaken to Your Destiny and Akashic Manifestation
  • Identify Your Soul’s Purposes
  • Recognize and Release Obstructions
  • Making Conscious Choices building the Bridge of your Destiny

Note from Linda:

We are living in times of dramatic upheaval at every level. It is time to activate your Spiritual Superpowers! Your awesome opportunity as an awakening individual is to recognize your Destiny, clarify your Soul’s Intentions, and bring your Soul’s Purposes to your everyday life. That is a tall order, but through the structure of this class, you can travel from awareness of your magnificent potential to effectively experiencing that potential. Unleash the infinite love, compassion, and understanding embedded in the core of your being–and live a life supercharged with meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. Make the contributions you have been holding in your heart and make the world a better place for everyone!

Recommended Order of Classes

It is highly recommended you take the certification classes in order:

1) Akashic Records Practitioner
2) Akashic Records Advanced Practitioner
3) Healing Through the Akashic Records
4) Discover Your Soul’s Path
5) Manifesting Your Soul’s Purposes

Some students opt into Healing Through the Akashic Records before taking the other classes, which is an acceptable path to the work. Discover Your Soul’s Path is the foundational work for Manifesting Your Soul’s Purposes, so students are encouraged to take these classes sequentially. The best student experience will be to take these precisely in order, and at the same time, every student’s background is different, and your current needs and availability may fit closely with a slight variation from this trajectory. Please contact me directly to discuss whether taking a class out-of-order is appropriate for you.

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What Others Are Saying

“This is the third class I have taken with Amy, and each one keeps getting better. Healing Through the Akashic Records creates a safe space for accessing deeply held injuries. It provides a path forward with clear and defined steps toward healing.
Amy is thoughtful, compassionate, encouraging and steady. She keeps the pace of the class on point while still allowing individual processes to unfold.
For me, being in the Akashic Records while doing personal growth work supercharges everything. The emphasis is on healing as a process with the support of the Akashic realm. This partnership is what makes it so different – I am not trying to figure out everything on my own, or solely with the help of other humans.
At the end of the class, I can honestly say that I am able to understand myself better with this work than with many other modalities I have tried over the years. For anyone looking to go deep and get to the root of issues from a spiritual perspective, I highly recommend this class and Amy as a teacher.”

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