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Grounding MeditationsIt is easy to forget to pay attention to the little details that can truly enrich our daily experiences. Our attention is often occupied by events that happened last week, month or year, or even by worries of what will happen in the future. We forget or may never realize that the greatest power we hold is in the moment.

One way to connect to the power of each moment is to ground oneself. Grounding is the state of being completely in your body, aware of physical sensations, and being present mentally and emotionally. Aside from the health benefits grounding provides, such as stress reduction, you’ll feel calmer and more in control of your environment.  Your breathing will change once you are able to relax your body, mind and emotions.  Grounding is useful when you notice you are feeling any of the following:

  • anxious
  • in a rush
  • worried
  • overwhelmed
  • scattered
  • stressed out
  • running on adrenaline

There are numerous ways to ground – the important thing is to find a method that truly works for you. I’ve included two ways you can experiment with: Tree Hugging , and Visualization Meditation.

Hug a Tree

This exercise will require a nice looking tree that you wouldn’t mind putting your arms around, as well as some privacy, if you’re the type to feel self conscious hugging a tree in public (you can also sit at the base of the tree, or lean your back against the trunk). When you have found yourself a good tree, wrap your arms are around the trunk. Close your eyes and take at least three deep breaths, loosening your muscles at the same time.

If possible, remove your shoes so your feet are making full contact with the earth. Begin by acknowledging any negativity you may have stored in your system – thoughts of worry, anxiety, past hurts, grudges, other people’s energies, physical pain, etc., and then one by one, release them into the earth, watching them sink deep into the soil beneath you. Imagine that energy being soaked up and neutralized by the earth’s healing energies.

When you’re ready, imagine the healing energy of the earth begin rising up through the soles of your feet; you can imagine this energy as having a color, even a certain texture. Feel this energy rising up through your limbs, into your torso, arms, shoulders, neck and your head, and then out through the crown of your head.

Next, visualize pure healing white light from the universe streaming down into you through the crown of your head. Imagine this light flowing throughout your body, and sink into the ground through the soles of your feet. See the two energies mixing within your body, harmonizing and balancing your energies. Allow both energies to run for a few minutes.

Don’t forget to breathe deeply and slowly while you’re doing this. You might feel tingling, buzzing, warmth or energy coursing through your body, all of which is normal. If you find yourself getting dizzy, slow down the energy flow, and take it easy for a few minutes. When you are feeling balanced and calm, slowly bring yourself back to the present, and detach yourself from the tree gently. Thank the tree for its assistance, as well as Mother Earth for her healing and loving energies.


Meditation Visualization

You may do this exercise standing, laying down or sitting on a chair with your feet flat on the floor.

Begin by breathing into your muscles, bones and organs until you are feeling calm and quiet. Bring your attention to the soles of your feet as you imagine roots growing out from them and extending slowly through the floor and into the earth. Watch them move deeper and deeper into the earth until they hit the magnetic core center.

Allow your body to feel the effects of gravity as it gets heavier and pulls you down, draining any tension, stress, negative emotions and energies out of your system. Let them sink into the earth through your roots and continue to breathe deeply. Instead of forcing your breath, allow your breath to breathe you.

Now that you are completely relaxed, slowly imagine a ball of healing earth energy gathering at the end of your roots, and see it moving through your roots towards your feet. Allow as much time as you need in order to visualize this ball of energy reaching the soles of your feet. Feel it traveling up through your limbs and into your abdomen and let it pause there for a moment.

Take some time to get used to this energy and observe its physical, emotional and mental effects on you. Explore the texture of this energy, and the colors that may accompany it. Immerse yourself in this feeling, and when you’re ready, visualize this ball of energy expanding slowly until you are completely enveloped by it, like a bubble.

Let this ball continue to grow until it reaches about three to four feet from your physical body. Soak in the healing energies and know that you are safe and in control of your environment. You may stay in this state for as long as you need.

When you’re ready, slowly wiggle your toes; rock your feet side to side, back and forth gently, until you can easily lift your feet up. Imagine those roots you just planted into the earth gently dislodging from your feet. Gently bring the rest of your body back to the present by wiggling and stretching them. Thank the Mother Earth for sharing her healing energies with you.

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