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Focus Wheels for Manifesting and AbundanceFocus Wheels

January is a powerful time of the year to create your intentions for the next 12 months. Have you thought about the ways you’d like your life to improve over the next year?

Are there things you’ve been putting off for a long time – new hobbies, jobs or careers you’d like to launch?  Places you’d like to travel to?  Deeper fulfillment and more success in your business or job? Live a more stress-free life, eat healthily, etc?

If you have, great! However, it’s often not enough to simply know what we want. We need to write it down, capture the essence of the feelings that are created when you think about your dreams, and take guided actions that bring us closer to our dreams.

Here’s a fun project that will help you clarify your visions for the upcoming year:

If you haven’t already, take some time to write down the things that you’d like to create for yourself in the new year (e.g. new job, better relationships, travel, etc).

Next, collect as many old magazines as you can that have some relevance to your manifesting goals.

Purchase a large poster board from your local crafts store, and make sure you have some glue and scissors on hand.

When you have all your supplies, set aside time to allow yourself to peruse your magazines and tear out the pages that illustrate or reflect aspects of your desires. Then, go crazy and be creative with your board. Create a visual message for yourself that will remind you every day for the rest of the year of the things that will drive you forward. Choose positive images and words that inspire and reflect what you’d like to see manifested. If you want to address more than one area of your life, you can separate your wheel into four sections, one section for an area of your life. For example, I tend to assign the upper left corner to my spiritual and physical well-being, the top right to career and finances, bottom left to relationships and bottom right to travel and adventure.

When you’re done, hang it in a strategic place in your home that will allow you to see it every day, preferably at least once in the morning and once at night. By exposing yourself to this collage every day, you’re imprinting upon your subconscious mind the images and experiences you’d like to bring into your life. It’s important to take time each day to focus on your focus wheel, and create within yourself those feelings of joy, enthusiasm and success that you will have when your manifesting goals come true. You must build within yourself an unwavering faith that what you’ve created in your vision board will, and must manifest, and is inevitable in its appearance in your life.

Extra Tips:

  • Do this with a bunch of friends, make a night out of it!
  • This is even more powerful when you do this within the first 24 hours of the new moon, or during waxing moon (day of a New Moon through the day of the Full Moon) to capitalize on the moon’s manifesting power
  • You do not have to limit yourself to making a Focus Wheel once a year. You can create different ones to address different areas of your life you want to shift: relationships, career, travel, etc. You can also create one specific to a project, any time the need comes up.

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Everyone can use some extra cash, especially if it means being able to buy a particular item, save for a vacation, or simply to kick back and enjoy a night out on the town. A great way to manifest a desired amount of money is to write yourself a New Moon Check.

newmooncheckExactly as it looks in the image it’s a check you write to yourself in the amount you want to create or manifest. It’s a New Moon Check because you write it during the first 24 hours of a new moon, when manifesting magic is strongest.

Before you begin writing your check, think about how much you might want to create, whether it’s based on meeting your financial obligations, or for something that is purely recreational. The general rule of thumb is to write the check for an amount you truly believe to be possible to manifest.

For example, if you wrote your check for one million dollars, but had limiting beliefs regarding that amount of money, it would manifest only after you have worked through those limiting beliefs. Therefore, if you want to see results quickly, it would be wisest to write your check for an amount that you can energetically align yourself with.

Try not to think of yourself as needing this amount of money, as needing often implies lack.  Instead, imagine this amount of money adding to your prosperity.

Imagine that you already have the amount of money you are manifesting, right this second. What would you do with it? How do you feel with this money in your life? Play it out in your imagination with as much detail as possible. Imagine these feelings of joy and prosperity to radiate out into the Universe.  As you do this, you are becoming magnetic to whatever it is you focus upon.

Finally, when you’re done, hold your check in your hands and visualize surrounding it with white light, and then release it fully and completely to Source/Universe. It’s important not to hold any attachments to the results of this exercise; simply acknowledge that the money will begin flowing into your life immediately thereafter, and trust that the Universe will find the easiest way to do so.

Put your check somewhere safe and try not to think about it for the next 28 days. During this time, be especially alert to opportunities that come your way, and pay attention to your feelings and intuition, as they can guide you to your money sooner. You also want to acknowledge any money that comes your way with gratitude, including any expected and usual income.  This will tell the Universe that you are ready to receive even more of what you have.

When the next new moon comes, take your check out and review how much money you have received in the past 28 days. If you managed to manifest the amount you wrote in the check, congratulations! If not, write yourself another check and repeat the process until you do manifest successfully.

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