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Did you know that Gratitude is a key that can open doorways to unlimited abundance? It’s simple, easy and can make a difference in ushering in a flow of prosperity that is yours to enjoy!

What is Gratitude?

Let’s start with the basics. According to the online Webster Dictionary, Gratitude means “the state of being grateful” and being “conscious of benefit received”.

Why be Grateful?

For one thing, it always feels good to be grateful. When you’re grateful, it’s pretty hard to be angry, stressed, or upset.

When you’re frustrated, angry or stressed, you’re saying “No!” to the Universe and it will only bring you more of what you’re saying “no” to.

Gratitude opens your heart to saying “Yes!” to all the abundance that abounds within your life and shifts your focus from what’s not going well to what’s good, positive and working.

We are all surrounded by blessings that we often take for granted – maybe it’s our home, that we have a roof over our head, or our family pet, that they bring giggles and comfort when we need it most. No matter what your circumstances may be, there is always something to be grateful for!

Using Gratitude to Open to Receiving More!

When can we cultivate the attitude of gratitude? All the time!

It also creates the most profound shifts and changes when we notice that we’re stressed, frustrated, unhappy, or feeling low.

The point is to find something to be thankful for – even if it’s the smallest thing and then to build your feeling of gratitude from there. The greater the appreciation you hold for something, the more of it you are inviting into your life.

The Next Step

So take advantage of this powerful tool and use it every day, and whenever you can think of it.

Make a list of things that are working well in your life every night before going to bed. Before you know it, you’ll find more and more things to be thankful for, and your life suddenly transformed!

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Everyone can use some extra cash, especially if it means being able to buy a particular item, save for a vacation, or simply to kick back and enjoy a night out on the town. A great way to manifest a desired amount of money is to write yourself a New Moon Check.

newmooncheckExactly as it looks in the image it’s a check you write to yourself in the amount you want to create or manifest. It’s a New Moon Check because you write it during the first 24 hours of a new moon, when manifesting magic is strongest.

Before you begin writing your check, think about how much you might want to create, whether it’s based on meeting your financial obligations, or for something that is purely recreational. The general rule of thumb is to write the check for an amount you truly believe to be possible to manifest.

For example, if you wrote your check for one million dollars, but had limiting beliefs regarding that amount of money, it would manifest only after you have worked through those limiting beliefs. Therefore, if you want to see results quickly, it would be wisest to write your check for an amount that you can energetically align yourself with.

Try not to think of yourself as needing this amount of money, as needing often implies lack.  Instead, imagine this amount of money adding to your prosperity.

Imagine that you already have the amount of money you are manifesting, right this second. What would you do with it? How do you feel with this money in your life? Play it out in your imagination with as much detail as possible. Imagine these feelings of joy and prosperity to radiate out into the Universe.  As you do this, you are becoming magnetic to whatever it is you focus upon.

Finally, when you’re done, hold your check in your hands and visualize surrounding it with white light, and then release it fully and completely to Source/Universe. It’s important not to hold any attachments to the results of this exercise; simply acknowledge that the money will begin flowing into your life immediately thereafter, and trust that the Universe will find the easiest way to do so.

Put your check somewhere safe and try not to think about it for the next 28 days. During this time, be especially alert to opportunities that come your way, and pay attention to your feelings and intuition, as they can guide you to your money sooner. You also want to acknowledge any money that comes your way with gratitude, including any expected and usual income.  This will tell the Universe that you are ready to receive even more of what you have.

When the next new moon comes, take your check out and review how much money you have received in the past 28 days. If you managed to manifest the amount you wrote in the check, congratulations! If not, write yourself another check and repeat the process until you do manifest successfully.

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